To further inspire kids to play chess, we organize online events every weekend on! Through these events, our students can apply new skills they've learned in our lessons and enjoy competing with their peers in a friendly environment. Below are the types of events we organize and our event schedule.


We have two types of tournaments that we organize: Chess for Charity tournaments and Free for All tournaments. These tournaments all vary in time control, length, eligibility to participate, and prize (if applicable) every week. You can click below to learn more about the types of tournaments we host and how to participate. 


Our simuls are always open to all of our students. In these simuls, one of our instructors would play online against multiple students simultaneously. Each student has their own individual game against the instructor, and can challenge them anytime within the given timeframe of the event. You can click below to learn more about our simuls and how to participate.


Free for All, 6/12/21

Type: 30 minute Arena

Format: 5|5 time control

Start time: 1:15 pm CST

Prize: None