Our team is comprised of several experienced students who are all dedicated to educating young aspiring players. We’re focused on inspiring kids' passion for chess and helping them cultivate their skills in order to become better players and thinkers. See our instructors below!



Beginner/Advanced Instructor

Ashley is a junior at Stevenson high school and has been playing chess since age 6. She currently has a peak USCF rating of 1963 and is ranked #13 in the US for girls in her age group. In 2019, she won the National High School Championship for U1900 with her school team and represented team USA for the World Youth Chess Championship in 2018.



Intermediate Instructor

Fred Yuan is currently a junior at Stevenson high school. He has been playing chess for 7 years and is a member of the Stevenson high school chess team. As a team, they won the 2020 high school state championship. Fred has also participated in many USCF rated tournaments over the years and his current USCF rating is 1900.



Novice Instructor

Stella is 14 years old and is going into sophomore year at Stevenson high school. She has played chess since she was 9 years old and currently has an official USCF rating of 1347. She practices chess on a regular basis and takes lessons from a grandmaster. In 2020, she won the IHSA state championship with her school team and also got 1st place in conference with the JV team.



Tactics Instructor

Alex Liu is currently a junior at Stevenson High School. Playing chess since he was in 3rd grade, Alex frequently plays online blitz chess. Having coached himself in chess over the summer, Alex experienced a growth of 300 rating on chess.com. He is currently rated 1605 on chess.com and 1882 on lichess.org